>If we are to designate an idea, it is the idea of mankind, the endeavor to set limits, prejudices, and one-sided views of all kinds hostile between men; And to treat the whole of mankind, without consideration for religion, nation, and color, as a great, fraternally fraternal tribe, as a whole existing for the attainment of a purpose, the free development of inner power.<
William of Humbold, 1767-1835

Welcom patients from all over the world
welcom specially arabic patients. We talk German, English, French and Arabic, so don´t hesitate to aks in your mother language all that you want to, and we will answer within 24 hours.

The basic need of all people is health. Zentrum Vitalis means building bridges and giving life and knowledge. Our  contribute to peace. International, intercultural, interreligiously.

Integrative medicine
Integrative Medicine supports a holistic view of the unity of the body, soul and spirit and combines the latest insights of German medical technology with the TimeWaver and international naturopathy and experience medicine from 5 millennia. These include nutrition, detoxification, deacidification of the body as well as orthomolecular therapy, phyto- and mycotherapy, as well as the support of psychological processes, detection of blockages and balancing of the organism.

We want to achieve this through the following approaches
– Individual holistic therapies in our health centers and health trips for each patient.
– Prevention and education about a healthy lifestyle and >Family medicine at home<.
Enlightenment and new ways for special fields such as high-sensitivity, high-activity, AD(H)S and autism.
– International trainings on consciousness, quantum physics and naturopathy for the medicine of the future.
– Intercultural cooperation in order to facilitate further medical education throughout the world.
– Multilingual consulting and training in TimeWaver technology for the medicine of the future.

Ask us,
we look forward to our dialogue!

your Lisa Golda
Heilpraktikerin, Naturopath